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We live in a world of multiple dimensions with multiple sensations. There is up and down forward and backward. Left to right. Time and space. We are told that a parallel universe does exist, we are multi-sensory beings that are cued by sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. And yet there is one … finish reading

The brain does not create consciousness, but consciousness created the brain. … finish reading

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Corporations Don’t Give a Shit About You


"Strategic management is about two things, gaining competitive advantage, and maximizing profitability." Said my teacher in the capstone business school class. I raised my hand, "why?" Familiar question that I often ask. "Why can't a corporation be satisfied with providing real value for real people without the need to maximize profitability or gain an edge? Why can't they just self sustain?" The teacher had no answer. That night he posted a response on the classes message board … [Read More...]

Quick Thoughts on Cause and Effect


To me, life is nothing but a series of causes and effects. What I mean by that is certain inputs produce certain outputs. For example, if you eat 10 Mcdonald's big-macs per day (cause) you are almost certain to end up obese with a host of illnesses (effect). The interesting thing to me is that the amount of joy we experience in this life comes down to what effects we experience on a regular basis. If the effects you are experiencing are low energy, no money, no passion, life = hell. If the … [Read More...]