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Nutrition Principles for a Healthy, Athletic, Aesthetic Body (part 2)

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CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 If you haven't read part 1 do so before you read this. Determining Goals of Gaining Muscle or Losing Fat After all that, it's time to add one last element to the equation. This element is simple; for aesthetic purposes it is optimal to determine whether you're focusing on either gaining muscle or losing fat. Although it can happen, and it is possible for your body to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously, the body isn't too good at doing both at the same time. … [Read More...]

Here’s How to Make a Rat Obese, And How It Applies To You


Rodents are an important model organism for the study of human obesity. To study obesity in rodents, you have to make them fat first. There are many ways to do this, from genetic mutations, to brain lesions, to various diets. However, the most rapid and effective way to make a normal (non-mutant, non-lesioned) rodent obese is the "cafeteria diet." The cafeteria diet first appeared in the medical literature in 1976 (1), and was quickly adopted by other investigators. Here's a description from a … [Read More...]